Standard Flag of the Coalition of the Right.

"Pax et Prospera in Dextra" (Peace and Prosperity in the Right)

The Coalition of the Right, officially referred to as the Imperial Coalition of Nations, or simply The Coalition, was a multinational organization whose primary function was to act as a military alliance and mutual defense pact between various right-wing nations in Paradigm. The Coalition has since been disbanded peacefully by vote, and is now defunct.


Originally proposed by the Emperor of Solvada as a means by which to counteract the growing influence of leftist nations such as the Soviet Socialist Republic, the organization has since grown to include more than seven right-leaning member states, all united in their common interests to preserve the ideals of economic freedom, national identity, and the individual rights and liberties of their citizens. While Solvada, being the founder and host nation of the Coalition, was oftentimes called upon to represent the other Coalition member states in various diplomatic affairs with foreign powers, all Coalition members were treated as equal in status and given similar opportunities to propose and vote on international legislation within the Coalition. Many claim this is what led to the Coalition's downfall, as well as the tendency of some of its member states to actively seek aggressive action against foreign powers. But everyone really knows it was when Solvada tried to claim it's allies as "vassal" states that really lead to their downfall.

Former MembershipEdit

- Holy Empire of Solvada: Founding member and former host. Solvada's Emperor was usually tasked with the responsibility of speaking on behalf of the entire Coalition when the need arose for diplomatic negotiation between the Coalition and a foreign power. The Coalition's headquarters was located in Solvada's capital city, which doubled as the Solvadan Royal Palace.

- Republic of Rhodesia

- Freeland Republic

- United Fasces State

- Zaporizhian Cossacks

- Philippines

- Road Builders Confederacy

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